Aircraft of the Austrian Air Force
since 1955.

two Saab Draken
© Austrian Armed Forces

The so called "Luftabteilung" was formally created on September 13th, 1955.
In November, Austria got its first airplanes - Yak-11 "Moose" and Yak-18 "Max" trainers - a present of the Soviet Union.
The first flight of the Austrian Air Force of the 2nd republic took place on December 9th, 1955 at 10.00 am.

The following register is divided in two groups - airplanes and helicopters. They are sorted by the earliest registration date of the aircraft type.
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The register is in german language, but you can find a detailed english guide below.

  airplanes since 1955
    in german: Flächenflugzeuge ab 1955
  helicopters since 1955
    in german: Hubschrauber ab 1955
three Saab J 29 F -
the 'flying tons'.

reading the tables
serial number
construction year - y/m previous id. registration date notes following .id.
acc accident  
der derelict  
for spares    
pr preserved HGM- Heeresgeschichtliches Museum
FTL - Museum Fahrzeug-Technik-Luftfahrt
ÖLM - Österreichische Luftfahrt Museum
scr scrapped  
wfu withdrawn from use  
w/o written off by accident
technical data  
1st line type

Schulungsflugzeug - trainer
Strahltrainer - jettrainer
Transport... - transport
Mehrzweck... - utility
Abfangjäger - fighter

Herkunftsland country of origin  
max. Abfluggewicht max. take-off weight in metric tons
Triebwerk engine

Thrust in kg without/with afterburner.
1kg > 9,797N > 0,998kp > 4,059 PS
Power in PS (not HP)
1 PS > 0,735 kW

Höchstgeschwin. max. speed near ground
Reichweite range  
Spannweite / Rotor wing span / rotor rotor: blades and diameter
Länge length  
Höhe height  
Besatzung crew  
Bewaffnung weapons  
Nutzlast payload Fracht - freight, Mann - persons
acrobatic teams.

1966-1968 "Silver Birds" - Fouga Magister
1975-1976 "Silver Birds" - Saab 105
1975-1984 "Karo As" - Saab 105
1975-1987 and since 1997 "Das Kleeblatt" - AB-206.


official badge of the Austrian Air Force Command ("Kommando Luftstreikräfte")

the "Kokarde" - official aircraft marking since 1934 (1st Republic of Austria)

Eurofighter Typhoon
Saab Draken
Saab 105
C-130 Hercules
Pilatus PC-6
Pilatus PC-7
Short Skyvan
De Havilland Vampire
Fouga Magister
UH-60 Blackhawk
S-70 Black Hawk