Rumänien: Beschaffung von Transport- und Kampfhubschraubern

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Rumänien: Beschaffung von Transport- und Kampfhubschraubern

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Farnborough 2018: Romania moves towards Venom and Viper procurement
Romania has recently taken a step forward in its plans to procure both the Bell UH-1Y Venom and AH-1Z Viper helicopters for which it earlier issued a letter of request (LOR).

Speaking to Jane’s on 17 July, Bell’s international business development manager Joel Best said that the early industrial components of the deal for 21 Venom utility and 24 Viper attack helicopters have been worked through, and that the programme is moving ahead.

“We are working with the [Ministry of Defence] MoD and industry, and have completed the first phase of the transition study for in-country check-out and transfer of technology,” Best said during the Farnborough Airshow.
Romania has a requirement to replace 37 indigenously produced IAR-330 Puma tactical helicopters, of which about 20 are the SOCAT multirole variant that has been modified to carry a 20 mm cannon and Spike anti-tank missiles. ... rocurement

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