Norwegen: Upgrade des Bv206D

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Norwegen: Upgrade des Bv206D

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Norway-Oslo: Motor vehicles

2019/S 166-407646

Contract notice


II.1.5) Short description of the contract or purchase(s):

Pre-qualification of candidates for a future procurement for upgrades of the Norwegian Defence Forces' tracked vehicles, BV206DN6.

The objective of the pre-qualification is to find qualified candidates whom have the competence and opportunity to participate in the future contest for upgrades of the Norwegian Defence Forces' tracked vehicles.

Candidates can be qualified for all or parts of the total scope. The contest will be categorised in six separate contracts. ... HTML&src=0

1.4 Object of the procurement

NDMA will perform an upgrade of the Norwegian Defence Forces’ fleet of BV206DN6 Tracked vehicles. The competition will be categorized in 6 seperat contracts.

The program includes:
  • Modification of 18 ea BV206DN6 into Evacuation Ambulances (EVAC)
  • Modification of 9 ea BV206DN6 into Medical Aid Station vehicles (MED)
  • Procurement of 6 cargo racks (hooklifted) including heating for transportation of water cans (20 litres)
  • Procurement 6 cargo racks (hooklifted) for transportation of fuel cans (Jerry cans)
  • Procurement of EMC solution for 90 vehicles
  • Procurement of new seat solution for 400 vehicles (both fore and aft wagon)
The EMC and seat solutions will be mounted in Norwegian military workshops as part of normal maintenance of the vehicles.