Kanada kauft weitere LAV

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Kanada kauft weitere LAV

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Canada negotiates new armoured combat support vehicles
The Honourable Harjit S. Sajjan, Minister of National Defence, announced that the government will acquire 360 combat support Light Armoured Vehicles (LAV) from General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada (GDLS-C). Funds for the purchase are in the approved budget for Canada’s defence policy, Strong, Secure, Engaged. The Government of Canada also intends to provide a repayable loan to GDLS-C.
The CAF’s Armoured Combat Support Vehicles will be available in eight variants, providing services such as: ambulances, vehicle recovery, engineering, mobile repair, electronic warfare, troop carrying, and command posts.
https://www.canada.ca/en/department-nat ... icles.html

  • Additional Mechanized Armoured Vehicles

    The project will deliver 60 armoured platforms to the Canadian Army in order to complete the replacement of the obsolete LAV III fleet capability.

    Funding Range

    $250 million to $499 million
    http://dgpaapp.forces.gc.ca/en/defence- ... sp?id=1698
    • CANSEC 2017
      Capable combat support [CANSEC17D2]
      General Dynamics Land Systems - Canada (GDLS-Canada, Booth 1301) is showcasing two new wheeled combat platform developments: the LAV 6.0 Combat Support Vehicle – Ambulance (CSV-A) and the LAV 6.0 Combat Support Vehicle – Maintenance and Recovery (CSV-MR), both of which are evolved from its baseline 8x8 LAV 6.0 light armoured vehicle platform, the centrepiece of the Canadian Army’s modernised combat vehicle fleet.

      The LAV 6.0 solution is the outcome of the C$1.064 billion Implementation Phase of the LAV III Upgrade Project (LAV-UP) awarded to GDLS-Canada in October 2011. LAV-UP provides for the comprehensive upgrade of 550 Canadian Army LAV IIIs in four configurations: Infantry Section Carrier, Command Post, Observation Post Vehicle and Engineer Vehicle, and is intended to extend the vehicle’s life to 2035.
      LAV-UP delivers significant improvements in survivability, mobility and lethality. Survivability enhancements include switching to a double-V hull offering inherent and weight-effcient protection from mine and improvised explosive device (IED) threats, as well as energy-attenuating seats at all crew locations. A more powerful 450hp engine is included, as well as upgrades to the drivetrain and suspension. Turret sights are upgraded to extend their range and gun control electronics are being improved to reduce crew workload. e fully upgraded vehicle weighs 63,000lb (28,576kg), but testing has demonstrated that its mobility is comparable with or better than the original high-mobility 38,000lb APC vehicle that the upgrade is based on.

      GDLS-Canada is now proposing the new LAV 6.0 CSV-A and CSV-MR variants – both of which have been developed with GDLS-Canada internal R&D funding – to meet a prospective capability requirement for ambulances, and maintenance and recovery vehicles capable of keeping up with the LAV 6.0 fleet, with the advantages of mobility, protection and payload, all on a common chassis for ease of training and low support costs.
      The LAV 6.0 CSV-MR is equipped with an earth-moving blade for obstacle clearance and construction, with a hydraulic hose reel enabling hydraulic tool operation off the vehicle. The vehicle can be optionally equipped with a supplementary 7.62mm protected remote weapon station and 76mm smoke grenade chargers, communications and land navigation packages, and situational awareness and vehicle survivability upgrades, including an automatic laser warning system.

      GDLS-Canada has evolved the LAV 6.0 CSV-A from a configuration unveiled in 2016 to anticipate future Canadian ambulance requirements. Among the CSV-A’s many new features is capability for a crew of four, adequate stowage for medical and personal equipment, and configuration options for two or four stretchers.

      Additionally, the platform can be optionally equipped with a communication and land navigation package, a HALON-free automatic and manually activated internal fire suppression system, and a suite of vehicle survivability solutions.
      https://www.janes.com/article/71036/cap ... cansec17d2
  • LAV III Upgrade

    Deliver 550 LAV 6.0, with an option of 80, to replace obsolete LAV III fleet. seven (7) configurations: Infantry Section Carrier, Command Post, OPV, Engineer, Air Space Coordination Centre Modernization, Infantry Section Command Post and Electronic Warfare.


    Improvement in mobility and survivability; reuse of ancillary equipment and components from LAV III fleet.

    A contract for this project was awarded to General Dynamics Land Systems - Canada in 2011. The acquisition value of this project is $1.06 billion.

    Contract amendments for this project were subsequently announced in 2012 and 2017 to exercise the option to upgrade an additional 66 vehicles and 141 Light Armoured Vehicle Operational Requirement Integration Task vehicles in 2012 and 2017 respectively. These contract amendments were valued at $151 million and $404 million.

    Funding Range

    $1 billion to $4.99 billion
    http://dgpaapp.forces.gc.ca/en/defence- ... sp?id=1730
  • LAV Recce Surveillance System

    Deliver 66 reconnaissance vehicles to replace the current COYOTE fleet. The new vehicle is based on the upgraded Light Armoured Vehicle.


    Procurement Strategy: Sole Source with General Dynamics and Land Systems - Canada and several sub-contractors. All platforms can be equipped with Add on Armour. Mast and sensors (less RADAR) can be operated on the move.

    The acquisition cost for this project is approximately $620 million.

    Funding Range

    $500 million to $1 billion
    http://dgpaapp.forces.gc.ca/en/defence- ... sp?id=1748
  • LAV Specialist Variant Enhancements (LAV SVE)

    This project will group three previously separate projects into a single project relating to the LAV III Upgrade specialist vehicle variants including 1. Target Observation and Fire Correction System (TOFCS) Upgrade; 2. Common Remote Weapons System (RWS); and 3. LAV Observation Post Vehicle (OPV) CCIV.


    This project will procure and integrate the following sub-systems on the LAV 6.0 Upgrade specialist vehicle variants:
    1. Procure and integrate a Targeting Independent Viewer (TIV) formerly referred to as the LAV OPV CCIV for the fleet of 47 LAV Observation Post Vehicle (OPV);
    2. Modernize the Target Observation and Fire Correction System (TOFCS) for the fleet of 47 LAV OPV; and
    3. Procure and integrate a Remote Weapon System to replace the in-service AN/MWG-505 which is approaching end of life expectancy for the 44 LAV Engineer vehicles.
    Funding Range

    $100 million to $249 million
    http://dgpaapp.forces.gc.ca/en/defence- ... sp?id=1682