Niederlande: Projekt "Robots en Autonome Systemen"

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Niederlande: Projekt "Robots en Autonome Systemen"

Beitrag von theoderich » Di 28. Mai 2019, 21:22

Milrem Robotics delivered two THeMIS UGVs to the Dutch Army (28. Mai 2019)
The Robot and Autonomous Systems (RAS) Unit of the 13th Light Brigade of the Royal Netherlands Army received two THeMIS unmanned ground vehicles developed by Milrem Robotics in April for their Concept Development and Experimentation Project.

Milrem Robotics delivered the two UGVs in the middle of April for the Army’s project that looks into how to exploit the possibilities new unmanned platforms provide for increasing combat power and decreasing risk to soldiers.

The THeMIS UGVs were delivered in transport configuration together with initial spare parts and accessories. The company will also provide operator and maintenance training, tactical deployment know-how and life cycle support and upgrades during a two-year period.
The THeMIS’ capabilities were put to the test right after delivery in the tough Scottish landscape during an exercise where the RAS used unmanned ground vehicles for the first time. ... utch-army/


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