Estland: Beschaffung von Panzerabwehrlenkwaffen

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Estland: Beschaffung von Panzerabwehrlenkwaffen

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Estonia-Tallinn: Weapons, ammunition and associated parts

2018/S 198-449528

Contract notice

Supplies ... =0&tabId=0

Republic of Estonia
Centre for Defence Investment

Procurement register

08.10.2018 No 2-6/18/3022-1

1. General terms and conditions

1.1 Estonian Centre for Defence Investment (hereinafter Contracting Authority) is announcing a competitive procedure with negotiation in the field of defence and security for Anti-Tank Guided Weapon System and LifeCycle Support.

1.2 The aim of the procurement is to conclude a framework agreement with 1 Tenderer for a term of up to 84 months. The evaluation criterion is the lowest price.

Annex 7
To the 08.10.2018 letter no 2-6/18/3022-1
Requirement description (minimum requirement)

Anti-Tank Guided Weapon System (ATGWS) is meant for Infantry Brigade subunits to be used in Area of Operation, day- and nighttime to engage armored threats at least 4000 meters in range. Weapon system must be capable to encounter modern Main Battle Tank as well as other heavily armored threats. ATGWS must be capable to engage threats that are concealed behind obstacles – ATGWS must thus have a Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) capability.
ATGWS set shall consist of:

Command Launch Unit (CLU), with tripod and integrated thermal sight (IR), integrated video feed recording, integrated laser range finder, etc

CLU battery;

Rechargeable CLU battery (to be used during training);

Backpack for CLU, batteries and a tripod;

Backpack, which is suitable for carrying 2 or 1 missile. Basically the backpack should be a frame, where it is possible to attach 2 or 1 missile. By carrying 2 missiles they should be located side by side, by carrying 1 missile it should be placed in the middle.

External digital video recording device/Commander recording unit (CRU/MDVR). The device shall have a carrying pouch for it in any of the backpacks described in ATGWS set.

Cabling and necessary accessories for using exterior power (from the vehicle, 24 V);

Transportation and storage box for CLU. The box has to protect the CLU during transportation or storage;

User Manual shall be at least in English and/or in Estonian;

Rechargeable CLU battery charger (not in every set). The Tenderer shall submit information about the rechargeable CLU battery charger. Information should include at least technical parameters and capacity. The charger shall be capable to charge 1-3 batteries at the same time;

Missile - The ammunition is part of the set, but its quantity and use are situation and command-based. This clause is informative for the Tenderers;
ATGWS usage

ATGWS shall be used by a crew of 3 persons: team leader, gunner and supplier

The firing unit shall be manipulatable by 1 soldier (the gunner). He shall be able to execute the following actions on his own: observation of the combat space and target acquisition; firing the weapon and reloading the weapon

A normal operating of the system shall be on stand and/or on tripod. The weapon system can be easily fired while held on the shoulder

The system shall permit missile firing on at least two principles:
  1. „Fire and Forget” – the missile is locked on to the target and after missile launch, the team may leave the firing position
  2. „Fire - Observe - Update“ – A target visible to the missile can be traced through CLU, the missile flight path could be corrected during the flight;
The weapon system shall dispose of both a direct (low) attack mode and top (high) attack mode. It shall be possible for the gunner to choose between these two modes before launching the Missile

Shall be possible to switch targets during the flight of the missile;

Shall be possible to engage targets in range but out of sight (Beyond-Line-Of-Sight capability - BLOS);

ATGWS shall be usable in all weather conditions, both in daytime and in limited visibility conditions (nighttime, humid weather, rain, haze, snow etc.);

The weapon system shall have the possibility to be integrated on a vehicle with an overhead launching arm/Vehicle fitting. The ammunition of the dismounted and the integrated system shall be the same and shall be interchangeable

Shall be possible to fire the weapon system safely from an enclosed space. This requirement is more specified in clause TT016.

Both the CLU and the missile must not be affected by different electronics and laser systems (including active protection IR systems);

The missile shall be capable of defeating modern Main Battle Tanks.


The minimal firing range of the weapon system shall not exceed 200 m;

The effective firing range of the weapon system shall be as high as possible but at least 4000 m;

It shall be possible to engage moving targets with a speed of at least 30 km/h within the required range (4000 m);

The ATGWS shall enable the detection, identification and engagement of the target at maximum shooting distance;

The hit probability (P-Hit) shall be at least 90% (P-Hit > 90%) within the required range against both stationary and moving targets. P-Hit is defined as the probability of hitting a target starting from the fire command (pulling the trigger), and includes therefore the reliability of the whole weapon system (missile activation, ejection, propulsion, tracking etc.);

ATWGS CLU and training equipment language is Estonian and/or English;

Weight of the ATGWS with the necessary accessories (tripod, battery, etc.) in total is no more than 16 kg;

The CLU shall be usable as an observation device (even without a missile);

The CLU shall have an integrated digital compass and a laser range finder;

It shall be possible to connect an external video screen onto the weapon system (e.g. for live fire exercise support, command etc.). Video feed shall be the same as seen by the gunner operating the CLU. Video feed shall be recordable;

The ATGWS must maintain a reliability in temperature range of -35 Cº to + 55 Cº

It shall be possible to fire the weapon system safely from an enclosure with following dimensions: room: 4 m wide x 5 m deep x 2,5 m high and window & door openings: 2,5 m².

It shall be possible to observe the battlefield and to fire the weapon system when the gunner is wearing glasses;

The tripod shall enable the gunner to maintain a horizontal observation coverage of 360 degrees, and a vertical observation coverage between plus and minus 20 degrees for all supported firing positions;

The height of each leg of the tripod shall be separately adjustable;

It shall be possible to lock the weapon system in a specific direction;

The ATGWS CLU shall have a built-in self-test system (BIT);

The supplied equipment shall be new. Production year not before 2018;

The interface between firing unit and ammunition shall be able to withstand minimum 1000 couplings;

The shelf life of the ammunition shall be at least 10 years (without lifetime extension program);

The total lifetime of the ammunition (including lifetime extension) should be as high as possible, but not less than 20 years;

Weight of the missile (in the container) - not more than 16 kg;

Anti-armor version of the missile shall have a tandem charge warhead;

Anti - armor capacity: Within the required range (4000m), it shall be possible to penetrate at least 700 mm Rolled Homogeneous Armor (RHA), including Explosive Reactive Armor (ERA);

A missile that is locked and fired shall follow target changes (i.e. when the target speed or location changes, then the locked missile follows);

The ammunition must maintain a reliability in temperature range of -35 C° to + 55 C°;

Ammunition range or development program shall also include multi-purpose ammunition (Anti-Structure / Anti-Personnel);

Supplied ammuniton shall be new. Production time before delivery shall not exceed 9 months; ... ng.sdirect

Mindestens 4 km Reichweite - d.h. aus US-Produktion (Die Lockheed Martin/Raytheon Javelin ist zu leistungsschwach.) kommt lediglich die Raytheon TOW in Frage. Aus Israel die Rafael Defense Systems Spike LR und aus Frankreich die MBDA MMP. Aus der Türkei allenfalls noch die Roketsan OMTAS.

Von diesen Waffen erfüllen die Einschränkung für das Maximalgewicht der Munition (inkl. Startbehälter) von 18 kg alle, außer die OMTAS (35 kg) und die TOW (TOW 2A: 21,6 kg; TOW 2B: 22,58 kg/29,48 kg inkl. Startbehälter). Also wird es höchstwahrscheinlich auf ein Rennen zwischen MMP und Spike LR hinauslaufen.

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Re: Estland: Beschaffung von Panzerabwehrlenkwaffen

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Estonia seeks longer range anti-tank missiles
An initial request for proposals was released in early October, with a spokesperson for the Estonian Centre for Defence Investment (ECDI) telling Jane’s that EUR40 million (USD45.5 million) had now been approved for the project. “The new ATGMs will be purchased to improve Estonia’s anti-tank capability.”

According to the spokesperson, the new long-range ATGM requirement will be funded by Estonia and calls for a minimum of 18 systems along with associated ammunition, technical support, and training. ... k-missiles

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Re: Estland: Beschaffung von Panzerabwehrlenkwaffen

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EuroSpike submits bid to supply Estonian defense forces with long-range antitank system

TALLINN, Jan 21, BNS - The weapons manufacturer EuroSpike GmBH has submitted a bid to the Estonian Center for Defense Investment in a tender to supply long-range antitank systems to the Estonian defense forces, the value of the framework contract to be concluded for seven years is approximately 40 million euros.

"EuroSpike submitted today [on Monday] at 1 p.m. an offer to the Center for Defense Investment for the procurement of long-range antitank systems," spokesperson for the center Ingrid Muhling told BNS.

Muhling said that based on a preliminary assessment, the sole offer by EuroSpike is correct and compliant with the requirements provided.

"Center for Defense Investment is to assess in the coming weeks the compliance of the sizable offer to all tender criteria. In case of a positive assessment, the bid will be declared to be in accordance with the requirements and more detailed negotiations with the tenderer are entered into," Muhling said.
Priit Soosaar, head of the department of procurement at the Center for Defense Investment, said that the weapons to be acquired must be in serial production and in use in the armed forces of at least one NATO member state. The plan is to buy at least 18 weapons systems complete with ammunition and the supplier must also supply auxiliary equipment, provide technical support and training.
The armaments of the Estonian defense forces currently include the Milan and Mapats antitank missile complexes and the Javelin antitank systems.

Karileet told BNS in October that Mapats is included in the armaments of the defense forces, but is no longer in active use. No ammunition is produced for Mapats anymore and the antitank missile complex itself is outdated, he said. ... 4387C693E/

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Re: Estland: Beschaffung von Panzerabwehrlenkwaffen

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Estonia orders Spike
The Estonian Ministry of Defence (MoD) tweeted on 20 June that it had signed a framework agreement with Eurospike to procure Spike anti-tank guided missiles and ammunition for EUR40 million (over USD45 million). The agreement also covers training and maintenance.

The initial procurement will include 18 Spike launchers and ammunition. The Baltic News Service (BNS) press agency reported that the seven-year agreement includes the option of buying additional units. The weapons will be delivered to the Estonian Defence Forces beginning in the third quarter of 2020 and will be used by infantry brigade anti-tank companies, according to BNS. ... ders-spike

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Re: Estland: Beschaffung von Panzerabwehrlenkwaffen

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Estonia-Tallinn: Weapons, ammunition and associated parts

2019/S 120-295491

Contract award notice for contracts in the field of defence and security


V.3) Name and address of economic operator in favour of whom the contract award decision has been taken

EuroSpike GmbH
HRB 21534
Fischbachstrasse 16
D-90552 Röthenbach/Pegn.
Internet address:

V.4) Information on value of contract

Initial estimated total value of the contract:
Value: 40 000 000,00 EUR
Excluding VAT ... =0&tabId=0

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Re: Estland: Beschaffung von Panzerabwehrlenkwaffen

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Bild ... ?__tn__=-R

Latvia installs new SPIKE missiles team trainer for SPIKE LR2 and SPIKE SR

October 8, 2020


Tel Aviv, October 7, 2020 – Latvian National Armed Forces have completed the installation of a new state-of-the-art Team Trainer for SPIKE Missiles. The new system will train Latvian forces to use Rafael Advanced Defense System’s SPIKE LR2 and SR missiles, procured from EuroSpike (a joint venture between Rafael, Diehl Defence, and Rheinmetall Electronics).
The STT (SPIKE Team Trainer), was installed at the end of August 2020 by teams from Rafael and EuroSpike.

The STT provides the SPIKE LR2 and SPIKE SR gunners, squad and section commanders, fully-simulated battlefield training, improving both gunnery and command and control proficiency levels, leading the gunner through all stages of the firing sequence from VIS or IR surveillance of a simulated image up to target impact.

The STT can simulate real-time battle management challenges, such as command and control of multiple launchers, training in synergy between observation and fire positions and it trains the gunners and commanders in handling different scenarios. The STT uniquely-simulates different environmental scenarios on a real terrain database, with varying visibility conditions, simulating the different seasons of the year, and it can be developed and adjusted based on the customer’s specific request, such as real threat analysis, fighting doctrine and expected enemy course-of-action.

The training SPIKE platoons go through a full cycle of mission planning, mission execution and detailed debriefing after action according to the data collected during the scenario, which is fully documented (including video, audio and & radio recordings), allowing optimal post-mission debriefing. ... -spike-sr/

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Re: Estland: Beschaffung von Panzerabwehrlenkwaffen

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