USA: Marschflugkörper "Gray Wolf"

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USA: Marschflugkörper "Gray Wolf"

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416th FLTS, AFRL tests “Gray Wolf” prototype cruise missile



The 416th Flight Test Squadron recently completed a round of tests of the Air Force Research Laboratory’s “Gray Wolf” prototype cruise missile at Edwards Air Force Base, California.

Gray Wolf is a DoD-directed prototype production and demonstration of low-cost, subsonic and networked collaborative cruise missiles. The missiles are designed to launch in a swarm to target enemy integrated air defense threats.
The missiles offer a stand-off solution for the warfighter through its variable payload capability. Earlier this year, the Gray Wolf’s TDI-J85 engine completed a successful flight test campaign culminating in multiple inflight windmill starts and operation at high altitude.

The program has already reached certain test milestones: Electromagnetic Interference & Compatibility (EMIC) and a “captive carry” flight. A live release test at the Naval Air Station Point Mugu Sea Test Range is scheduled later this summer.

“The EMIC check is ground check to confirm the missile is okay to fly on our specific test aircraft,” Most explained. “A captive-carry flight is the first flight with the weapon; the goal is to rehearse the weapon flight profile and gather critical state/environmental data about the weapon.”

Most added that the importance of successfully conducting physical tests, as opposed to laboratory-simulated, provides the Gray Wolf team with invaluable critical data. ... e-missile/ ... &__tn__=-R

USAF tests engine for Gray Wolf low-cost cruise missile (20. März 2020) ... se-missile

AFRL & Industry team successfully demonstrates first ever 200-lb thrust class low-cost engine
The Air Force Research Laboratory working with Northrop Grumman and Technical Directions Inc. (TDI) recently tested a first-of-its-kind, low-cost turbojet engine under the low-cost cruise missile program known as Gray Wolf. The TDI-J85 engine underwent a successful flight test campaign culminating in multiple inflight engine starts and operation at high altitude. The engine met performance expectations for thrust and surpassed fuel efficiency expectations.
Gray Wolf is an Office of Secretary of Defense (OSD) directed prototype production and demonstration of low-cost cruise missile. These low-cost cruise missiles will offer a stand-off solution with a variable payload capability, meaning the missiles are designed to cruise for distances greater than 250 nautical miles and can accommodate multiple mission profiles. Additionally, the program explored using multiple Gray Wolf missiles in a networked swarm to meet an evolving warfighter mission requirement.
250 NM sind umgerechnet 463 km. Die MBDA SPEAR hat offiziell eine Reichweite von ca. 60 Meilen, also knapp 100 km.
AFRL and our partners will utilize the recent flight test data to integrate the TDI-J85 engine into the Gray Wolf Flight Test vehicles. As part of the weapon system integration and demonstration phase, the team will modify and verify the interfacing operating software, perform captive flight test, and conduct a missile release test to demonstrate the low cost cruise missile concept. ... st-engine/

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United States Air Force
Annual Report 2018

Open Seeker Architecture

AFRL successfully developed and published the Open Seeker Architecture v1.0 standard, and the first Software Development Kit to support single weapon integration. This new architecture enables extensions to collaborative GPS-denied navigation and cooperative target acquisitions, and is a critical aspect of rapidly upgrading software functionality in future weapon seekers, as well as breaking “vendor lock” on legacy weapon seeker solutions. Some of these future open-standard concepts have been developed for the Gray Wolf Cruise Missile S&T Demonstration, in conjunction with DARPA and Office of Naval Research. ... Report.pdf

USAF Wants Swarms of Cheap "Gray Wolf" Cruise Missiles That Can Overwhelm Enemy Defenses (29. Dezember 2017)

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