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Second shipment of JLTVs arrives in Lithuania 
The second shipment of the 50 units of the JLTV Joint Light Tactical Vehicle was delivered to the Lithuanian Armed Forces Depot Service in Mumaičiai, Šiauliai district, earlier this week. In total, 200 JLTVs will be delivered to the Lithuanian Armed Forces as agreed in the contract between the Ministry of National Defence of Lithuania and the United States Government in 2019. The Ministry of National Defence signed a supplement of the contract additionally in October this year to acquire 300 more units of the JLTV which will arrive by the end of 2025.
The delivered JLTV reached the Port of Hamburg in Germany from the Port of Baltimore in the U.S. and the, Lithuania. Oshkosh Defense personnel is currently working at Mumaičiai getting ready the JLTV for operation and assembling the OGPK (Objective Gunners Protection Kit) turrets. The n the vehicles will be passed into the responsibility of the Lithuanian Armed Forces.

The first shipment including 50 JLTVs arrived in Lithuania last summer and is now successfully used by the Lithuanian military. The JLTVs will be assigned to battalions of the Lithuanian Armed Forces Iron Wolf and Griffin Brigades, the national Rapid Response Force being a matter of priority. ... lithuania/


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