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Serbia buys Pantsir-S1 air defence system ... nce-system

Slavic Shield 2019 joint tactical exercise
As you know, we have purchased, ordered one Pantsir S system, and we are expecting it in our country soon.
The president emphasised that we do not have a S 400, but, as he added, we are happy to have opportuity to see what it looks like.

- At 600 kilometers you can see everything, you are already shooting at 380 kilometers and it is not only by chance that this is the best system in the world. I did not believe it, and I saw a moment ago that it took us less than five minutes to destroy all the targets; 14 air formations were attacking the Republic of Serbia and in the true sense, they were marking the targets and destroying them. It is interesting that one missile, when you are firing, is about 0.98, which means 98 percent hits that target, and they usually fire two at one target, and there is 99.99 percent and there can be no failure – president Vučić said.

Speaking about the Pantsir S system, President Vučić emphasised that it also hits fantastically, with an accuracy of about 95 percent.

- These are terrible tools. When people ask whether we would like – yes, we would like it at this moment, only if the Russians would leave it to us, we could not afford the S 400 otherwise. ... 2019-14628

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Bild ... &__tn__=-R

«ПАНЦИРЬ-С1» ... pantsir-s1