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Polen: Artillerieprojekte "Krab" und "Kryl"

Verfasst: Di 13. Nov 2018, 12:03
von theoderich
Series Produced Krab Howitzers Ready


The contract in question, with its value exceeding PLNN 4.5 billion, concerns delivery of four complete Regina DMO elements. Each of these units includes: 24 Krab armoured 155 mm self-propelled tracked howitzers, DMO commander staff-command vehicle (WDSz), DMO chief of staff staff-command vehicle (WDSz), 3 command vehicles for the battery commander (WD), 6 command vehicles for the fire platoon commander (WD), all based on the HSW-designed and -manufactured LPG tracked platform, along with 6 ammunition carriers (WA) and 1 electronics/armament workshop vehicle (WRUE) - all based on the wheeled Jelcz platforms.

The aforesaid configuration is somewhat imposed by the 155 mm self-propelled artillery squadron structure adopted by the Polish Army’s artillery component, assuming that a squadron includes three batteries consisting of 2 fire platoons each, with a single platoon involving 4 Krab sphs.
Noteworthy, the programme initiated back in 1999, by conclusion of a license agreement concerning the state of the art turret systems derived from the AS90/52 sph developed in Great Britain, has gone through some turbulent periods. This included programme suspension and a real threat of closure. Ultimately, an agreement concluded on 12th May 2008, by and between the Arms Policy Department of the Polish Ministry of Defence and the Military Manufacturing Centre of the HSW, with a term of three years, became a basis for resuscitation of the programme. This made it possible to finalize the process related to introduction of the 8-cannon “implementation-stage” fire module delivered to the military in late-2012. To introduce the Krab platform fully, there were still issues related to the chassis reliability left to be resolved. Regina programme has been ultimately brought up to speed in December 2014, coming onto a straight. A Gordian knot related to the quality problems related to the Polish chassis delivered by a cooperating body was cut back then. In 2015 a Polish version of the Korean K9 platform was presented and handed off for a test programme.

The positive results of the test programme, involving a howitzer configured like that, made it possible to begin the integration process with regards to the platforms procured in Korea, so that they would comply with the Polish requirements. Also, the turrets could have been finally put onto the chassis at the time. Furthermore, chassis platforms of 8 Krab howitzers of the “implementation” module have also been replaced.
At the moment HSW has 24 howitzer chassis platforms ready for the first series manufactured Regina DMO unit - which in fact is the second element of this kind. 12 out of the platforms have already attained the form of the Krab systems that now only wait for being handed off. Another 12 examples are being readied for integration with turret systems the production of which is in its final stages. According to the delivery schedule, HSW is to hand off this complete Regina DMO unit by the end of 2019.
The first Regina battery (8 Krabs, 3 WAs, 4 WDSzs and WDs and 1 WRUE platform) is going to be delivered to the military in November. The exact equipment transfer date has not been disclosed as of yet, but March 2019 is a binding deadline on which a complete battery shall be delivered, following all of the formalities related to the process of handing off. ... zers-ready

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Re: Polen: Artillerieprojekte "Krab" und "Kryl"

Verfasst: Fr 22. Mär 2019, 22:08
von theoderich
I DMO Regina wyruszył z Huty Stalowa Wola S.A.


Bild,i-dmo-regina-w ... a-wola-s-a

Re: Polen: Artillerieprojekte "Krab" und "Kryl"

Verfasst: Mi 10. Jul 2019, 02:12
von theoderich
Kolejne 155 mm SH Krab dostarczone do użytkownika

Im Juni wurden Komponenten für zwei Batterien 2 DMO REGINA an das 5 Lubuskiego Pułku Artylerii geliefert. Dazu gehören 8 Panzerhaubitzen KRAB, 1 Führungsfahrzeug für den Batteriekommandanten, 3 Führungsfahrzeuge für die Zugskommandanten und 2 Munitionstransporter. Das 5 Lubuski Pułk Artylerii wird mit einem kompletten Divisionsmodul ausgestattet, bestehend aus:
  • 24 Panzerhaubitzen KRAB
  • 18 Führungs- und Logistikfahrzeuge (2 Stabsfahrzeuge, 9 Führungsfahrzeuge, 6 Munitionstransporter, 1 Werkstatt zur Wartung von Waffen und Elektronik)
Die Lieferung weiterer drei Batterien ist im 4. Quartal 2019 geplant.