Norwegen: Beschaffung eines Luftaufklärungssystems (Airborne Sensor Platform)

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Norwegen: Beschaffung eines Luftaufklärungssystems (Airborne Sensor Platform)

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Request for information - Airborne Sensor Platform
2 Project Description

2.1 P7637

P7637 intends to procure a tactical airborne sensor system in order to support military tactical decision makers in the Norwegian Army. The Army needs to be able to collect time sensitive information in a large geographical area and on short-notice. Operations will be conducted in northern Norway throughout the whole year. The system will support national military operations during a national crisis or war.

The army is considering different conceptual solutions for how the Army can best solve their needs. The Army is considering concepts that include:

1. Smaller manned platforms
2. Optionally manned platforms
3. Runway based Unmanned Aerial Systems
4. Field deployable Unmanned Aerial Systems

The Army needs to balance weather robustness, airspace access, flight speed / endurance, payload capacity, tactical operational considerations with cost and platform complexity. Partially based on RFI answers, we will choose a conceptual solution before proceeding to the Preliminary project phase.

2.1.1 Typical scenario

A typical scenario for P7637 would be:
  • Deployment from an air force base in Northern Norway
  • Target 150 km away
  • 8 hours eyes on target with data streaming
  • Sensor use EO/IR, SAR, RF
  • Typically, one (1) trip per day, three (3) flights per week.
  • Total flight time per year around 1000 hours
  • Year-round operations.
2.1.2 System limitations
  • Minimum endurance is 8 hours
  • Minimum range is 100 km.