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Ukraine: Indienststellung des Seezielflugkörpers "Neptun"

Verfasst: Di 16. Mär 2021, 23:31
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Gestern wurden Prototypen des Systems RK-360MT "Neptun" (РК-360МЦ «Нептун») an die ukrainische Marine übergeben. Der Hersteller ist das Kiever Konstruktionsbüro "Luch" (Державним підприємством «Державне Київське конструкторське бюро «Луч»), die Basisfahrzeuge stammen von "AutoKrAZ" (АвтоКрАЗ; Mobile cruise anti-ship missile system "Neptun" ):

Ukraine Boosts Coastal Defences
Development of the NEPTUNE system began at some point in 2014 – most likely after the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation and the military aggression in the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine. A model of the system was first shown in public at the Arms and Security trade exhibition in Kyiv in September 2015, with the first trials taking place the following year.

The NEPTUNE system has been developed by the Kyiv-based Luch Design Bureau, and is a significantly improved derivative of the Soviet Kh-35 (AS-20 KAYAK), in service with the Russian Navy since 2003. The RK-300MC NEPTUNE mobile coastal defence system was developed to host the NEPTUNE anti-ship cruise missile, and was unveiled in 2019.

Kyiv seeks to improve its coastal defence capabilities with the deployment of NEPTUNE missiles that can destroy vessels displacing 5,000t, at ranges of 280-300km – enough to ensure coverage and protection of the nation’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ). It is worth noting that, during the Russian military operation leading to the annexation of Crimea, the Ukrainian Navy lost more than 80% of its capabilities, making Ukraine practically defenceless in the Black and the Azov Seas, with the Russian fleet constantly encroaching on the Ukrainian EEZ. ... ences.html



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Ukraine: Antischiffsrakete getestet

Die ukrainische Antischiffsrakete R-360 „Neptun“ wird aktuell in der Oblast Odessa getestet.

Der Fokus der Testung liegt auf dem Sprengkopf. Dieses soll in der Lage sein, verschiedene Schiffsarten in einfachen und komplexen Wetterlagen zu allen Tages- und Nachtzeiten durch aktives Feuer oder elektronische Kampfführung außer Gefecht zu setzen. Die Rakete wurde der Öffentlichkeit erstmals im Jahr 2015 präsentiert, erste Tests der wurden 2016 abgehalten. Die Rakete soll eine Länge von fünf Metern aufweisen und basiert auf dem Design der sowjetischen Antischiffsrakete Kh-35. Die neue ukrainische Version soll jedoch deutliche Verbesserungen hinsichtlich der Reichweite (bis zu 300 km) und Elektronik aufweisen.

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State tests of national R-360 “Neptune” missile system are ongoing in Odesa region (17. Juni 2020)

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Ukraine’s Neptune anti-ship cruise missile ready for service
Ukraine has completed one of the final trials of its Neptune land-based cruise missile, designed for coastal defence, and plans to soon field it to Ukraine's naval and land forces, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko announced in April.

According to Poroshenko's statement, the test was conducted at a state testing ground and supervised by 11 Ukrainian ships positioned in the Black Sea.
Four Neptune missiles are carried ready to fire on a KrAZ-7634HE 8×8 chassis. The entire complex consists of four launch vehicles, crewed by three personnel each, a 6×6 command-and-control vehicle, and two loading vehicles.

The Neptune missile is armed with a 145 kg high explosive fragmentation warhead and has a total weight of 670 kg.

Ukraine's state-owned Spets Techno Export said the missile was designed to sink naval vessels with a maximum displacement of 5,000 tonnes. It has a range of 280 km, which the company said is so the export model complies with the Missile Technology Control Regime. The missile could therefore have a longer range for Ukraine's own use and improve. ... or-service

Next stage of Neptun anti-ship missile system tests to be held in May (19. April 2019)
A corresponding statement was made by Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov during a working meeting with Oleh Korostyliov, the Neptun system designer, chief designer of the Design Bureau "Luch".
The preparation of the mobile anti-ship cruise missile system for new tests and batch production was also discussed at the meeting.

The chief designer of the Design Bureau "Luch" informed that the next stage of tests was scheduled for May this year. ... n-may.html

The KrAZ-7634НЕ Chassis is a Base for Neptune Missile System (15. April 2019)
The RК-360МTs guided missile is designed for destroying enemy ground and sea targets at a distance of up to 300 km. The USPU-360 common launcher is based on the 8х8 KrAZ-7634НЕ chassis with payload capacity of 27 tonne. The launcher is designed for installation, temporary storage, transportation, preparation for launch and launch of the R-360 missiles. The chassis is equipped with 460hp engine and automatic transmission with maximum toque of 2500 N•m. Such a combination of components and through type powertrain make it possible to achieve excellent towing performance.

The KrAZ-7634НЕ chassis features engine-behind-cab design, length from back of cab to end of frame of 8080 mm, minimum turning radius between walls of 14 m, steerable first and second axles, all the axles are driving. Integral steering has hydraulic servo unit to reduce steering effort to 10 kgf. All-wheel drive makes it possible to use off road special product based on this chassis.
Other companies involved in designing and production of Neptune Missile System together with “AutoKrAZ” are SKDB “Luch”, “Orizon-navigatsiya”, “Impulse”, “Vizar”, National Space Agency of Ukraine CDB “Arsenal”, leading private defense companies “Telecard-Pribor”, “Ukrinmash”, “Ukrainian Armor”, “Motor Sich”. By the way, all support vehicles for new RК-360МTs are based on Ukrainian chassis made by ”AutoKrAZ”. ... -rk-neptun