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Re: OT: Camcopter S-100 auf Erfolgskurs

Verfasst: 11. Apr 2017, 10:37
von theoderich
Camcopter S-100

Österreichisches High-Tech Unternehmen auf dem Weg zur European Aviation Safety Agency Zulassung

Re: OT: Camcopter S-100 auf Erfolgskurs

Verfasst: 25. Mai 2017, 12:37
von theoderich


Schiebel’s sophisticated Unmanned Air System (UAS) was presented to the Norwegian Coastguard, Royal Norwegian Navy, Royal Norwegian Airforce, Norwegian Coastal Administration, Police Directorate as well as other Norwegian authorities during demanding trials at Andøya Test Center (ATC).

During the event held in Northern Norway, approximately 300 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle, the CAMCOPTER® S-100 performed a series of challenging demonstration flights in the second week of May.

Taking off from Andøya Air Base the S-100 presented itself as a highly valuable asset for coastal patrol tasks. Not only did the CAMCOPTER® S-100 again prove its capacity for providing essential data – such as the high-quality real-time EO/IR footage generated by L3 Wescam’s MX-10 – but also successfully tracked vessels and found persons gone overboard.

In a separate exercise the CAMCOPTER® S-100 UAS convinced the participants with its impressive range clearance capability. Here, an area of around 2 500 km² was scanned for vessels.

Andøya Test Center

Re: OT: Camcopter S-100 auf Erfolgskurs

Verfasst: 22. Jun 2017, 09:15
von theoderich

From 29 May to 3 June 2017, Schiebel’s CAMCOPTER S-100 Unmanned Air System (UAS) successfully completed qualification flights for the French Navy. The flight trials were performed from the deck of the Bâtiment de Projection et de Commandement (BPC) DIXMUDE, the newest of the French Navy’s three MISTRAL-class amphibious assault ships. The French fleet is currently undergoing a modernisation process within which Schiebel participates in flight trials in order to confirm the Ship Helicopter Operating Limits (SHOL) and to qualify the CAMCOPTER S-100’s integration onto the BPC.


Klingt so, als würde es mit dem "Système Embarqué de Reconnaissance Vecteur Aérien Léger" langsam ernst werden.

Re: OT: Camcopter S-100 auf Erfolgskurs

Verfasst: 01. Aug 2017, 23:24
von theoderich
Laut dem Air Accident Monthly Bulletin vom Juni 2017 ist ein Camcopter S-100 (Baujahr: 2008) am 18. Oktober 2016 während der Übung "Unmanned Warrior" in den Äußeren Hebriden abgestürzt:

    AAIB investigation to UAS Schiebel Camcopter S-100, UAS 232

    History of the flight

    The flight was part of a trial to demonstrate the transfer of command and control from a land-based control station to one located on the ship SD Northern River. The ship-based pilot control operator, positioned on the ship’s deck adjacent to the helipad, took control of the UAS and was flying a series of planned deck landings and takeoffs. These were uneventful until the third takeoff when, as the UAS became airborne, it immediately pitched up and transited rearwards with insufficient height to clear the 19-cm high gunwale about 2 m behind it. The wind was 310° at 13 kt.

    The impact damaged the UA tail structure which subsequently led to a failure of the tail rotor transmission, resulting in the UA spiralling into the sea alongside the ship where it sank to the seabed. The water depth was approximately 30 m.

    The UAS was recovered 48 hours later and sent to the manufacturer, where the on-board data logger was downloaded and the recorded data analysed.

    Safety action

    The manufacturer has implemented a software change to reduce operator workload during takeoff. If the UA is on the ground and the trim mode has been selected:

      ● Operator thumb rocker climb-rate inputs between -50% and +50% produce an automatic climb rate command of +50% until the trim becomes active, and

      ● All cyclic joystick inputs are ignored until the trim becomes active.

    Unmanned Warrior Flight of Cam Copter S-100



Northern River has been chartered to act as seagoing mothership for various Unmanned Systems.

Re: OT: Camcopter S-100 auf Erfolgskurs

Verfasst: 03. Okt 2017, 13:26
von theoderich
Pacific 2017: Australia to deploy target designators on S-100 rotary-winged UAS

In the wake of successful first ever man-unmanned teaming (MUM-T) operation, the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) has confirmed that it plans to expand on the concept for a wider range of operations beyond maritime surveillance.

Another MUM-T operation that the service is currently working towards is the deployment of laser target designators on its Schiebel S-100 Camcopter rotary-winged unmanned aerial system (UAS), said a RAN official from the service’s UAS unit.

Re: OT: Camcopter S-100 auf Erfolgskurs

Verfasst: 06. Okt 2017, 12:44
von theoderich
UV - Unmanned Vehicles
Pacific 2017: Schiebel and Skeldar spar in Australia

Australia is shaping up as a battleground for suppliers of rotary-winged UAVs as the country’s military eyes future acquisitions. Two top contenders are Schiebel and UMS Skeldar, and the gloves are starting to come off as competition intensifies.

Schiebel enjoyed a significant head start when it was selected in December 2016 to fulfil the Royal Australian Navy’s (RAN) interim requirement under NMP1942 for a VTOL UAV. It received a three-year contract for two Camcopter S-100 aircraft and two ground control stations.

As part of that obligation, Schiebel will next month deliver heavy fuel versions of its S-100 to the RAN. Schiebel had already leased two aviation gas-powered S-100s in the interim, these fitted with L3 Wescam MX-10 sensors.

The arrival of this new type of aircraft, which uses JP-5 fuel, will allow the RAN’s trial programme to grow in intensity since heavy fuel is far safer for shipborne operations. The Naval Unmanned Aircraft Systems Unit (NUASU) based at Nowra is in charge of this process.

Fabian Knechtl, Schiebel’s programme manager, told Shephard at the Pacific International Maritime Exposition in Sydney that the S-100 was trialled aboard HMAS Melbourne this year, with more seagoing tests set to occur in the second quarter of 2018 with multiple sensor types.

Additionally, army personnel have been trained on the S-100. Lt Col Keirin Joyce, the Australian Army’s UAS sub-programme manager, said his service also has a requirement for VTOL UAVs to support amphibious operations.

Everything has not gone as smoothly as hoped, with one S-100 lost in March when a hard landing caused a small bushfire at a training ground. Another S-100 was deliberately landed in the sea after operators chose not to return it to ship after a technical glitch. Knechtl said this S-100 deployed its flotation device and it was quickly recovered by boat.

UMS Skeldar was disappointed not to win the NMP1942 contract with its V-200, but it remains optimistic about scooping the future Project Sea 129 Phase 5 contract. Indeed, in a press statement it claimed ‘UMS Skeldar is closing in on Australian defence contracts’.

David Willems, business development director at UMS Skeldar, said that his company’s ability to offer a leasing service will boost V-200’s appeal and that there had been ‘a positive response from Australian stakeholders’.

Cdr Philip Woodward, deputy director aviation at the RAN’s surface combatants and aviation branch, told all contenders at the Pacific expo that Sea 129 Phase 5 had suffered a ‘schedule slippage of two years’.

He revealed that 27 companies responded to the RfI that closed on 21 August.

Re: OT: Camcopter S-100 auf Erfolgskurs

Verfasst: 20. Okt 2017, 22:05
von theoderich
Weiß jemand, wieso beim Tag der offenen Tür in Allentsteig, am 9. September, ein Camcopter ausgestellt war?

Re: OT: Camcopter S-100 auf Erfolgskurs

Verfasst: 25. Okt 2017, 13:20
von theoderich
RAN to receive first heavy-fuel-powered S-100 Camcopters by end-2017

The first heavy-fuel-powered versions of the Schiebel S-100 Camcopter rotary-winged unmanned aircraft system (UAS) will be delivered to the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) – the vehicle’s launch customer – by the end of 2017, Schiebel’s Australia sales representative, Phil Swinsburg, confirmed on 25 October.

Schiebel has replaced the Diamond piston engine from previous versions of the S-100 with a two-disc rotary engine, sourced from UK company Rotron and modified in-house. The engine accepts JP-5, a kerosene-based fuel with a flash point above 60 degrees Celsius, specified by the RAN for safety reasons.